Making Tacos With Girls from Emerge

For the girls emerge our service strives to give them new opportunities as well as new experiences. Most of the girls have never tasted food that is out of the Sri Lankan culture. They would eat traditional Sri Lankan  food such as rice and curry. However, we thought that teaching the girls how to make tacos would be nice new experience for the girls.

We got the girls from the emerge center to help us prepare the food as well. They helped cut, chop and clean as well. They each had to assemble their own taco

Whilst making the tacos we taught them a little about where this food comes from and gave some context as to the Mexican culture, where its located and we talked about food. This was good for me and Taneishq as this directly correlates with the units that we have done in Spanish AB and it was a nice way of passing down the knowledge we had.

Here is an photo of me taken by Tan holding a taco that I had created for the girls to eat.

Overall, This was a really fun experience. The girls really enjoyed it and the girls from my service group at OSC sure enjoyed their meal too.

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