Quarantined: teaching, helping and looking after my siblings, a great service to my mother

This quarantine I got to spend a lot of lost time with my siblings. With IB exams being around the corner before my days consisted of me just studying, finishing up assignments and going for extra tutoring and coming home late and waking up early. Sometimes I felt like I barely saw my siblings. However, this time has been great for me to re-connect with them and really spend time with them. It has been a lot of fun being around my family. Although its fun and all I think it tends to drive my mother a little insane at time. So i took the liberty of doing homework with my siblings and baking cakes and cooking food just to keep them occupied. Which I think my mother greatly appreciates as they do not bother he as much.

I am not the greatest in Math but I can do my siblings math and I have been helping both my siblings with math. I help them with homework or sometimes I sit in their classes listening to what they are being taught so that I can help my sister (in particular) and in a way this is a good as well. It keeps my brain working.

Photo of me helping my brother with some school work that he has

I also help them with other subjects like humanities or the arts. My sister had a fun project where she had to re-create a painting with things in the house which I had lots of fun helping her come up with it.

Here is some of the math work that i have been helping my siblings with

My siblings and I have been cooking and baking a lot. Sometimes I do not think its very good but its a nice way to learn to work in collaboration. I think cooking also strengthens bonds between siblings. My brother no knows how to make some dishes that are simple, such as make an omelet or make a really nice spaghetti dish. Whilst Yali and I take our baking and cooking skills to the next level. We love cooking and we have make coffee cake, lemon cake, butter cake, attempted at a chocolate cake that failed, and been making exotic dinners every night. We are going to open a restaurant by the time quarantine is over.

my coffee cake which I am most proud of

It has also become a thing where my siblings and I watch a lot of TV together. Our favourite show is friends and let me tell you to all the other siblings out there. Friends is your go to tv show, this way no will argue over with tv show or movie they want to watch. Friends is a classic and everyone loves it and its perfect.

An image of me and my siblings watching FRIENDS together

Overall, this quarantine has been good for me to improve my relationship with my siblings. It has also been easy for my mother since I just hang out with them and it has given her some quiet time which i think she really enjoys.

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