Holi – Annual Girls for Girls Fundraiser

The Girls for Girls service has been doing this fundraiser for 2 years now and this was our 3rd year celebrating. This event has become a trade mark at Food and Fun Fair, there are many kids that are looking forward to doing this event. How this event work is you pay 500rs and you get unlimited Holi and people love coming for this event and throwing Holi at their friends and having a good time.

I made a Holi Poster and sent it to the whole school as well as posted it all over social media

The holi poster that I made using Canva

Although it is fun there is a lot of planning and collaboration that is needed for it to succeed.

We prepared for this event by dividing up roles and figuring out what each person is doing. I was in Charge of getting the water hose/sprinkler, emailing Mr. Grandbois and getting permission for the primary playground and setting up although all the girls had to set up. This year the girls in my service are very enthusiastic about what they were doing and they all came early to help set up and advertise and they were super dedicated and enthusiastic. Last year we had 10kg of Holi and it finished within minutes but this time got 20kg of Holi and this Holi was very good and it came in small plastic packets so it was easy to deal with after the event was done we didn’t need people pouring the holi and complicating everything. Miss D was able to us the Holi at a good rate.

8/9th graders playing holi
Disara, Tan, Ritheek and I getting hit in the face with holi

within a week we were able to get everything together and it wall worked in our favor and once the event was open the people just kept coming and all the Holi finished and the people played for about half an hour and it was so much fun!

Colourful right?

Overall, I think that this was the most successful event that we have had, so many people joined and it was a lot of fun. We are not sure exactly how much we raised but it was definitely more than 10,000rs. Can’t wait to do this next year as well.

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