Quarantined: Workouts

Ahhh quarantined and having 0 motivation is very hard. Specially with the impact COVID19 has had on our lives there was a sense of no motivation and laziness that surrounded me and it made it very difficult for me to get out of it. So I decided that I will workout and I will do yoga and I was hoping that this will be good. I spoke to my trainer and got him to send me some workouts.

I think that in doing these workouts it gave me a goal again. It was challenging mentally but I decided… No I have to do this.

After talking to my trainer he sent me the workouts that I should do. It nice because my brother joined me as well and I had some company. Sometimes its hard to workout when you are bored

These are the workouts my trainer sent

Set 1 

circuit 1 (3 rounds )

Db trusters 15

Db reverse lunges with db side raises (12 side raises)

Db bent over row 15

Db forward lunges with curls( 12 curls )

Circuit 2 (3 rounds )

Pushups 15

stepups ( 10 each leg) 

wall sit db hammer curls 15

Triceps back dips 12

circuit 3 (3 rounds )

rope skipping 30 seconds 

Mountain climber 30

rope skipping 30 seconds 

Allternate leg raises v ups 20

rope skipping  30 seconds 

Russian twist 30

Set 2 

1.standing opposite knee to elbow 30(15 each side)

2.spider man 20

3.standing straight leg raises n toe touch 20 (10 each )

4.cross body mountain climber 20 

5.squats n punch 20

6.bear crawl 30 seconds 

7.plank and reach 20

8.back extension 15

Set 3

Circuit 1 (3-4 rounds) 

Body weight squats 15

Pushups 12

Lunges 12(each leg )

Inchworm 10

Mountain climber 30 

Shoulder taps 20

Burpees 10

Circuit 2 (3-4 rounds )

Flutter kicks 30

Crunches 20

Russian twist 20 

air bikes 30 

Plank 30 -45 seconds

My trainer said to alternate these workouts and keep doing them throughout the week

Overall, these workout have been good. It has been challenging but it has been good to just sweat it out and it has really helped me stay focused. Because being in lockdown is not as easy as people make it seem. Its actually really hard and really straining on the brain and the physical body. I strongly suggest that you workout and do something to keep yourself entertained.

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