Wrapping up the CAS project

I conducted my CAS project before December break. I have mentioned previously what I did for my CAS project. The wall climbing with the girls from Emerge. I did this activity with these girls because it is so empowering and it is an extremely fun activity.

As much I wished to do this activity more than once due to the time restraint I cannot do it with them. This activity has become significant in our service. It’s something that the emerge center talks about with each batch that comes in and it is something that they talk about very much. Since my sister is in the service as well, I will teach her how to organize this wall climbing activity so that she can possibly carry it on and it will be something that the girls from emerge look forward to.

I started doing this with the girls from emerge to empower them and show them that sometimes life is a climb but it feels great once you are up there. It is mentally challenging but the girls that we have done it with in the past have never given up and I think that its the most important lesson that I can give them.

I am disappointed that I will possibly not be able to do this again with the girls. However, I will do the needful so that the future service leaders will carry this activity on and hopefully continue to empower these girls and give them an experience that they might not get in Sri Lanka. Giving these girls new experiences is something that I really want to promote. This is also something I tell the girls in the service, these are goals that we strive to achieve.

Overall, the wall climbing activity was a huge success and its something that I enjoyed very much and I think that the girls from emerge enjoyed it very much as well. I am glad I was able to give them a new experience, something that they enjoyed very much and it was physically and mentally challenging and they were able to do it. I am extremely happy with this success and I hope the future G4G girls will continue this activity.

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