Creating Artworks for Senior Pages

Since the theme this year for the yearbook is a vintage theme. Shivani and I decided that it would be cool to customize the page for each senior and do something new and creative. She and I really overestimated our ability to draw using technology. It was very hard and took a lot of time to create just one page and we realized that it was not enough time create custom pages for everyone. Shivani created this background for Rashmi, that I like very much and I thought that it went well with the theme and it was super easy to re-use for the rest of the pages as the colours could be easily changed on Photoshop.

Above is a screenshot of a background that shivani created for the senior pages. She made 8 of these in different colours.

When we started to “customize” each page, we did not realize how much time it really took to make them. And I know that some senior members in our grade would have been upset but they were very understanding and let us use these background for their senior pages.

I think that once the background was created the most strenuous part for me was to add the backgrounds. As some of my yearbook members we caught up with lots of work and were very stressed out, I said that I will do their pages as well. It was fun but it was stressful just making sure that the page was good. And packaging each senior page took forever and really slowed my computer down as I had to package 18 pages along with baby pictures, superlatives and some other pages that I offered to finish up.

Above is an example of a completed senior yearbook page

Overall, I love yearbook so much and it has been such a fun experience being a part of this club. I have learnt so much about technology and how to put together something because of all the guidance that Miss Mora has provided for us. I really enjoyed myself making these pages and being chief editor.

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