Women’s day awareness bulletin board

This year for women day we were planning on having a seminar for the secondary school students. We were hoping to have a panel of women and men and talk about current issues in Sri Lanka and in the world. Due to time restrictions it was not possible. However, we did not let this stop us from celebrating all the women out there. So we deiced as a service group to decorate two of the schools very prominent bulletin boards with inspiring quotes and stories from women that hopefully will inspire the children at our school.

This was the bulletin board that was decorated to make awareness of women’s day.  A couple of 8th graders Devya and Pep helped me put this board together. 
This was the poster that we put around school to make sure that students, parents and faculty knew about women’s day celebrations.

Over the the course of the week, the girls for girls service group advertised that everyone should wear pink to school. We put in the bulletin board and put up posters around the school asking kids to wear pink that particular day on a Friday.

This was also during the COMUN 2020 conference. I got lots of pink ribbon and got almost everyone in the school to wear it so that they are showing support. We infect knew a lot of the people that came that day for the conference and got them to wear the pink ribbon too. Which was very nice and there were over 100 people wearing these pink bands

Below are some of the posters that we put up for women day

Overall, This was a success. It was nice to get out friends outside of OSC involved women day and I am positive that the kids who were at the school that day read the bulletin boards as they passed to go to the canteen or the bathrooms. I hope that inspired someone out there. This will also be my last women day and service project.



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