Playing Cricket with Girls from Emerge

We as a service group try to balance out indoor work as well as outdoor work with our girls from emerge. This batch was very into sports and they loved playing cricket and playing volleyball. We gave them the option to pick between cricket and badminton and they picked cricket. The service girls and I planned out the session for cricket and we played cricket with them. This was a very good bonding exercise as the girls had to pick teammates from emerge as well as OSC. We also made sure to make the girls from emerge the captians.

Above shows the image of the girls playing cricket with us

The main objective of doing this exercise with them was to teach them how to take control and how to take on the role of leadership. We made sure that the girls advocated for themselves and wanted to play the game. This also taught them that they can take control of the situation.

Above shows another image of the emerge girls and OSC girls playing cricket together.

I also got my brother who is very good at cricket to come and help us out. The girls really enjoyed having him around, especially the competitive girls. As my brother would bowl fast to them they would really enjoy hitting the ball and screaming and running around. Admits the chaos of playing cricket there was a lot of humor and banter that was going around and it was nice to see the girls having fun. I think it was good for the OSC students too. They were running around the field trying to catch tennis balls.


Overall, this was a fun experience for the emerge girls as well as the girls from OSC. I think sometimes you just need to run around and have some fun. The house mothers at emerge center always tell us how the girls look forward to coming in on Thursday to hang out with us.

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