“life is a climb but the view is great” – Singharaja

For our Geography IA data collection we had to go to the Singharaja rainforest in Sri Lanka. This is about 2 -3 hour drive from OSC. This trip was something that I was not really looking forward to as I am not the biggest fan of nature and the outdoors, I do not do too well with insets, bugs, leeches and especially snakes and spiders. However, I really enjoyed this trip more than I could explain. There was so much that I learnt on this trip and it really helped ground me and helped me grow as a person.

Interviews with the villagers
An image from our truck ride up to Martins

Sinharaja is a gorgeous place that is so diverse with wildlife and plants. I have never seen or experienced what experienced there. There are so many big trees, and they are thick forest and somehow there are streams that flow through and there are so many animals such as (massive) spiders, snakes, many variations of birds, lizards and the most gorgeous butterflies.

We were in a little lodge called “martin’s lodge” its about a 20 minuite hike from the ticket office in Kudawe. The village is a not very developed place. Most houses have electricity but that is about it, they do not even have cell phone service except for certain areas (where you would never expect).  The plan was to do two days of data collection and the last day to do a hike up to mullawella. Let me tell you, I have been dreading this hike for the longest time and it was the one think that I was most afraid of because I’ve heard from past students that it was very difficult.


Although, I was not ready I decided that I will do it (just for the lolz) and hopefully I will enjoy it. let me tell you the beginning of the hike I was leading them whole geography class and it felt really good and it was sort of a motivation and it kept me going, up until the very steep areas started. It was the most difficult thing I have ever done and I workout at least 3-4 times a week. We were constantly climbing up and I have an ankle issue that really started hurt. However, I took small breaks and somehow ended up climbing the entire thing. It was hard but the view was very pretty. When you are up on the peak that is the only thing that there is, there are no boulders or anything else, if you fall you are tumbling right down.

Our geo class up on the mullawella peak

The climbing was not easy at all, it was a huge mental game and more than being physically fit or strong you have be mentally ready. There were times that I did give up and I was like I am NOT doing this and I am going to go back down I don’t care what people think. Then again I was like I have come so far, I might as well. The guide Gayan and Mr.Lockwood were supper supportive and really encouraged not just me but the other kids who were not so comfortable with the hike. When I got there Mr. Lockwood asked “savi what do you think” and I said “life is a climb but the view is great”

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