Service #2 – Milkshakes and Sports

Before October break the service session that we had in service we decided to make milkshakes with the girls and show them how to make a drink that they probably had not tried before.  When we asked the girls if they ever had milkshakes and they said “no” and it was good because we were able to teach them something new.

We continue to play sports with the girls as it is a good way to bond with the girls as well as make connections with the girls. While playing sports we are always laughing and making jokes and continuously teaching each other to play volleyball. I think that is a good sport to make connections and to bond with the girls

Overall, service has going well but its been very slow… with the first batch its always like this but once the 2nd and 3rd batches come in and everyone is more comfortable it works well. We are hoping for a good year of service in 2019


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