Service Session #1 – Volleyball and Ice Breakers

Girls for Girls has been going strong for four years and I have had the pleasure of being a part of this service all along. I really enjoy the work I do with the girls from emerge global as well as working with the OSC girls who are ever so willing and dedicated and most importantly passionate about the work that we do. This year we have some younger girls as well and they are a good addition to the team as they work very hard.

For our very first session we decided that we are going to play some volleyball with them and play some other sports as we have found that it is a good way to interact with the girls and become friends with them and to really to get to know one another.

Playing Volleyball With the Girls from Emerge.

The game was going really well up until it rained and we had to move back into Ms. K’s room and we just played games and got to know one another and came with a sort of buddy system but in groups and so far it worked well and I think this is something that we will continue to do. We gave the girls a tour of the school and showed them around and I think that they really liked it. Once we came back we gave them food and we we were singing and I think that these activities were good activities to help us get to know this batch a little more and to get closer with them.

Next week we are hoping to do Wall Climbing. Which is my also my CAS project to do Wall Climbing with all the girls up until December as I will be busy after that with mocks and finals coming up.

Overall, This year for service is off to a good start and I am excited to see where it goes.

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