One Last Run – DP 2

CAS is something that I enjoy doing very much, from the creativity aspect of it to the action and service. Last year my goal was to really step out of my comfort zone and try new things out. which I did for the majority of the year. By taking those risk, I have learnt so much and I have Definityly grown as a person. Like for example being in the SGA was a big responsibility, make sure spirit days were good as well as pep rallies and make sure that Oscars was as succus. Then there was the obvious trip that we went on such as DP 1 orientation. This was all part of the CAS program that was able to help me thing outside the books and do something academic while doing something fun at the same time.

This year in DP 2 I am excited for a new adventure in CAS.


This year for Creativity, I am doing yearbook. I have been a part of yearbook since I was in 7th grade and I took a small break from 9-10 grade, but I started it last year and I love it. Doing yearbook is fun and it is kind of a stress reliever. I love doing yearbook because it challenges you to push yourself creatively and create this book for the whole school to keep. It is creativity as well as a service. Yearbook is also a yearlong commitment which means I’ll have a creative activity for the rest of the year.


Summer of 2018 I started working out and I have grown to love it very much and I enjoy working out. I have been continuing gymming throughout the year as well as the summer and I have really connected with it. it is form of therapy in a way and helps with stress reliving. There are many benefits from working out for your physical body as well as mentally. It is a mind game because you really have to push and challenge yourself. I will continue to workout with Aravinda (my trainer at waters edge) at 5:00 am and come to school right after. I will also be doing body conditioning with Mr. O’Sullivan on Monday’s after school and hopefully that helps me with my gymming journey. I also decided to sign up for Zumba after school, just something fun to do and dance around to let go in a sense. I will also be doing badminton practice in the third season. I will not be traveling as I have IB exams, but I will be training with the team.


For service I will be continuing for Girls for Girls. I have been doing this service since the 9th grade and I am very passionate about my service and the work that we do with the girls at emerge. However, this year we plan to do things that will make a name for the service. Although we are establish service we want to do more to make awareness of our service. We are hoping to make a Muriel this year before we go off to October break. We also plan on doing our annual holi fundrainer and this year we are going to a seminar like we did a couple years back. Our goal this year is to make sure that people get to know about the cause that we serve and help out a good cause. We are going to raise money through fundraiser and give the money to a worthy cause that me and my service leader are looking for. I have loved being a part of girls for girl for almost 4 years and I have loved being service leader for 3 years and I hope to make some changes and make sure that this service hopefully last a long time.


For my CAS project I am hoping to do a Muriel in school. At emerge the center we have a Muriel of birds flying a quote. Since we have been working with them, I thought that it would be nice to leave a mark at OSC too with the birds but with a different quote on the wall. I have already spoken to the new art teacher about being my supervisor. I need miss McQuillan’s permission as well as Mr. Lockwood’s approval. I think it will be a nice addition to the community as well. I have already done a Muriel at OSC near the field. I hope to re-paint that and re-do my wall over there. It is a place where lots of kids hang out and I think it will be inspiring for them as well. I hope to work on this project with my service and get them involved in helping me create it as well.

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