Collaborative Workouts – Pt 2

Last year in the second semester in March, my friend Shivani and I decided to do collaborative workouts and I enjoyed myself every much. I have mentioned in my previous posts that I started working out in the summer of 2018 and I have continued, and It is something that I enjoy very much. This year as soon as DP one started, I spoke to Mr. Rossberg about supervising me and my friends on a Friday after school and Mr. Rossberg was on board with the idea and we have been working out for the past three weeks and it has been good and Disara and I have been really pushing each other to work harder.

Over summer I have continued my journey to becoming a healthier and a fitter person, working out almost every day throughout the week at water’s edge with my trainer. Every day we did new workouts that were more challenging than the day before and it was a mental game that I enjoyed playing. There are many benefits from working out that I have learnt to enjoy like sweating and focusing on counting, working out for me has been a form of therapy. The IB is very stressful and so are our personal lives and working out has helped me focus and get on track. However, this year I have decided to stop my early morning 5:00 am workouts as I am very busy with my final year in the IB and I have decided that sleep is important factor to being healthy. So, Instead I work out on Monday’s and Fridays under the supervision of Mr. O’Sullivan on Monday and under the supervision of Mr. Rossberg on Friday after school. I get the workouts from my trainer Aravinda who works at water’s edge and I do it collaboratively with Disara.

Disara, Shivani and I have goals when it comes to working out. Disara wants to get fitter for soccer and Shivani and I are hoping to lose a bit of weight and get fit in general. We collaborate all of our needs and we come up with a way to satisfy each of our needs. For me a personal goal is to run. Running has never been my strong suit, but I hope to change that this year. My goal is to run five laps without stopping by 2019 December and by the end of the year to run ten laps by June 2020 without stopping.

These are the workouts that we have been doing for the past couple weeks

16th August 2019

30 squats x 3

15 Thrusters x 3

12 pick ups x 3

Wall site 45 seconds  x 3

1 lap around the field x 3 (1 lap 200m)

1 min plank x 3

Sit ups with medicine ball 25 x 3

Skipping 1 min

19th August 2019

Squats 40 x 3

Mountain climbers 30 x 3

sit ups with medicine ball 25 x 3

Leg raises 20 x 3

Step ups 20 x 3

Crunches 20 x 3

Incline push ups 12 x 3

1 lap around the field x 3 (1 lap 200m)

1 min plank x 3

26th August 2019

Warm 6 mins

Squats 50 x 3

Deadlifts 12 x 3

Kettle bell swings 20 x 3

Pick ups 15 x 3

Run 1 lap

Plank 1 min

30th August 2019

walking crab – 15 x 3

Dead lifts 12 x 3

Plank ups 10×3

pick ups 15×3

Skipping 30 seconds x 3

Running 100m x 8

Planks 1 min x 3

Overall, collaborative workouts have been working perfectly for me, Shivani and Disara and we are hoping to continue this throughout our final year in DP

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