DP 1, That’s a Wrap

This year I have learnt so much throughout this academic year. From the variety of subjects that we do to all our activities and service. The DP journey for me started with the orientation in kithulgala and ended when I hosted my final pep rally and helped with oscars.

This year for creativity I did yearbook and I was in the SGA, I did and internship for Aslam Hussien at Colombo Fashion week.

Throughout the year for creativity I have done 3 pep rallies and two sprit weeks and they have gone very smoothly. For the SGA I had to host many assemblies and speak in front of crowds and be an advocate for the school. I really enjoyed working for the SGA. We also had to organize OSCars which was a lot of work and work that is not easy and it requires a lot of work to be put into and consistency. There is a lot of collaboration work that needs to be done in order to make sure that all the events that the SGA holds are successful. Communication is a key part of this process, the SGA has to work together to make this all possible throughout this year and we all had to make decisions collaboratively. Being in the SGA helped me come out of shell that I was in, I was not a very confident individual and I took being the spirit coordinator role as as a challenge where I do something new. I was committed and I worked hard to make sure that all the events that I was a part of from pep rallies, saisas, spirit weeks, assemblies, sports days went smoothly

First SAISA assembly
Pep rally season 3

Yearbook was fun as always, after the work has been divided up it is up to us to  make sure the that pages are completed and handed into Miss Mora on time. I really enjoy yearbook, it is basically collaging pictures together and making it one big memory for whoever that buys the book. I think that yearbook is creativity but it is also a service. The creation of the book takes us almost  a year to put everything together and making sure everything is perfect before we give it in for printing. We spend countless hours perfecting it and making sure that everything is updated and well.

The yearbook cover

The yearbook is a yearly commitment and not an easy one, especially in the DP but I love working with InDesign and yearbook club is always fun.  Overall, this has been a year filled with creativity for me as i learnt to grow as an individual and taking on new challenges and stepping out of my comfort zone has helped me very much with my creativity.


A goal that I had this year was to workout and become a healthier and fitter person. I have been able to accomplish that throughout the year.  Up until March I was doing just fine working out with my trainer outside of school and I enjoy it but when the work load becomes a bit much it is very hard to get up 5:00 am go to the gym.


I did badminton this year for 2nd season as well and I really enjoyed playing badmintion. It has always been a sport that i was interested in playing and when i started I was terrible but Mr. Pradeep is a very good coach and was able to spot all the errors that we were making and he was able to help us fix. When playing this game collaboration and communication are very important. Especially when playing doubles you have to make sure that your partner knows what is happening and you have to work together.  I enjoyed playing badminton and I am looking forward to playing again next year. Over summer Rashmi and I plan on meeting up and playing badminton so that I am well prepared, also because badminton is a very good game to be playing, for fitness as well as mentally because you are constantly thinking about your next move. It is very good fitness.

Playing Badminton

This year Shivani and I decided to start something called collaborative fitness where every Friday after school we would workout and we would document all the work that we were doing. It is harder for me to take videos’s when I am at the Gym at waters edge and Shivani needed an activity so I volunteered to help her workout and get fitter.

Wall sits

I will get  a workout form my trainer and together we will do this workout and almost spend an hour or so working out. Since of lately a lot more kids have been joining us and it is a fun workout. 

This year girls for girl has accomplished many things, we have been very happy with the progress that we have made. In December we hit an all time low in our service where girls were just coming to sit around and not do any work and I had  to take action and I spoke to all the girls and I told them that each of them have to plan a lesson for the week to come so each of them will get an ideas as to what it is like to be service leader and this not only teaches them leadership qualities but it also helps them mange time and really know about what service is. The girls were very understanding and we bounced back immediately and we started working hard again. We were able to do wall climbing, make milkshakes, play sports, decorate cookies, watch music videos, sing along and we enjoyed all our service sessions. We also had our annual holi fight at food and fun fair and as always it was success and everyone that joined the fight have a lot fun. However, we plan on changing things up in our service for the next year. I have decided that my CAS project is going to be a Muriel and we have an idea to have a seminar again next year where we educate the young about sexual abuse and violence and about empowering one another. Spreading gender inequality. My new service leader and I have plans that we have made where we will meet over break and decide as to what we are going to. Girls for Girls has come a long way since the beinging and we hope to make it better in the future. We had  some young girls in our service this year that we have to mould and make sure that they are ready to one day take over the service. 

painting t-shirts with girls from emerge

Overall, this year has been good and it has been a lot of learning and growing. Girls for Girls is excited for all the new events that we will be having. I also went on my last and final week without walls this year to hambanthota.

Making cookies with the girls at emerge

Here we worked with the Janoda foundation, where we taught kids for 3 days and it was lot of work and we were doing a service to the village and i really enjoyed working with the kids.

We also dug 18 holes which was not very easy because the ground there is so dry. Then we cleaned a beach in collaboration with Shangri La.

Cleaning up the beach
Wall Climbing with the girls from emerge and 6th graders helping us.
Holi Fundariser

Overall, This year has been a success for CAS, I enjoy CAS and the blogging aspect of it and I cannot wait for next year. My final and last year of school. DP2, here we come.


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