OSCars 2019 – 007 James Bond

OSCars is one of the most important events that the secondary school has and most people look forward to this event. OSCars it our prom at school and it is from kids from grade 8 and above and its a night full of fun, dancing, eating and awards. Awards? Yes awards. Before hand the school is sent out survey for certain student and teacher awards and the student body votes for who wins the awards. The awards categories for students are like most likely to be a social media start, most likely to become an olympic and most like to do an assignment last minute and really funny awards like that. The award categories for teacher are like most inspirational, lamest joke and most likely to be come an X factor Judge awards that are funny but a token of our appreciation for them as well.  OSCars is organized by the SGA and we have to do everything from decoration, to finding a venue, raising money, looking for sponser and all off the aspects that go to holding an event.

Photo of the SGA 2019 Exco – Photo Credits XtreamYouth

This year the theme was James Bond 007 and it was held at Shangri La Hotel and it was a really good event and the decoration was beautiful and the venue was good and the food was good the DJ was amazing as always. The Tables were decorated like casino tables and we had a suspect board for the seniors.

SGA works from the beginning of the year till March of the next year in order to make sure that this event is the best and we have to make sure that it is always better than the previous one. We faced many challenged throughout the course of planning this event. Miss Leddy was a really good supervisor and always guided us in they way that we should go and she always gave real talk and told us when we had to pick our slack and get the work done. I think towards the end everyone came together in SGA to make sure that event was successful form the decoration commit to Shivani working countless hours on cutouts and photo booth and other talking to sponsors getting money in and making sure that everything goes smoothly. Our photos were taken by XtreamYouth a company that takes videos and pictures of youth events.

Picture of the table set up at OSCars at Shangri La
Photo Credits XtreamYouth
Photo Credits XtreamYouth
I also won an award for most likely to become a social media star. Photo credits XtreamYouth

Overall this years SGA was able to pull off one of the best events the school has had. We worked tireless to make sure that it went smoothly. The award ceremony was great, food was amazing, the DJ Lunatics was good as always and we had the best time ever dancing till the very last song till 9:00pm.

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