Season Three – Pep Rally

Time has gone by so quickly and I cannot believe that it is already the third and final pep rally of the year. As spirit coordinator the role of hosting the pep rallies are very important and keep up the school spirit. I think that the role of spirit coordinator has really made me a much more confident person as well as made my public speaking skills much better. I have come a long way from my first pep rally in the gym to the season/three pep rallies in the auditorium making sure its better than the last. I am thankful for Seth who always got the audience ready and hyped them up so much that they had energy until the very end of the pep rally.

Third Season Pep – Rally

In the third season we have SAISA track, Boys Basketball and Girls Football

These athletes have been working very hard for the past 3 months to work hard and push their limits and put in hard work and countless hours to improving themselves to reach their best potential. Early morning at 6:00 am to afternoon runs in the hot sun.

The plan for pep – rally

Seth Intro

Running down the isle doing the wave

Gecko Net Video

Questions for the Teams

1.  what are you most excited for?

2. what was the hardest part about training?

3. what was the best part about training?

Mr. Gives the closing speech

Final cheer.

Picture of me Cheering the Track Team – Photo Credits GeckoNet
Photo Credits GeckoNet
Photo Credits GeckoNet

Overall, being spirit coordinator was so much fun. I loved all the events that we did at school as well as hosting all the spirit weeks and the pep rallies. OSC is a very spirited school and it was my honor being your spirit coordinator. Good Luck to the next Spirit Coordinator its a lot of work, plan ahead of time and make sure you are confident even though your not and own the stage and do the best you can, that is the key.

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