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I have been in the yearbook throughout this year and we are not allowed to revel much work that we do. This years theme is poloroid and the slogan is “take me back”. The yearbook committee has been working hard to make a really good yearbook this year.

My job in the yearbook is to make sure all the SAISA pages are done. I took this job this year as I am spirit coordinator and as spirit coordinator I plan pep-rallies and sport related activities and  I thought that it would be nice to do all the SAISA’s.

In a  year we have 9 SAISA’s and at the moment we are down 6 SAISA’s and the other 3 SAISA’S will be off for SAISA track, football and basketball this week. For yearbook this year I have made Girls Volleyball, Boys Volleyball, Swimming, Girls Basketball, Boys Football and Badminton pages. These pages are really easy and not complex to make. In yearbook we have Adobe Indesign as a software to help us make these pages and Indesign is very easy to use and create. The process for making these pictures is to have an outline or a formate in mind for each page and then create the page as you would like.

first step import the image

Here is a screenshot of the Indesign page where the photo has been imported to the page and is set in place.

Step two

Then you go to window and go down to styles and open object styles

Step three

Then you get a small drop box like this, then you see the equal sign looking thing on the right top, click on it.

Step Four

Then another dropbox will come down like shown above, then you click on load object styles. Then you will import another Indesign document that is the poloroid frame that has been created separately. It is titled “Example” on my computer.

Step Five

Then simply just select poloroid on the object styles dropbox and select any picture you want and select “poloroid” to get the frame on any picture

Then you repeat these steps for any amount of time till you have enough photos and you are satisfied with it.

For example my DP orientation page is one of my favourite pages. Inserted below

Now, the yearbook is almost due and almost all the pages are in. The yearbook is an important part of the school and most people look forward to buying the book and holding on to their memories that they have made at school. This book especially important for the seniors so that they have all their wonderful senior memories in the book. We hope to be done with the yearbook this week and it will be sent into the printer.

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