Colombo Fashion Week – Internship with designer Aslam Hussien

I have been going to CFW since 2006 with my best friend, it is like our tradition. This year will be my 13th consecutive year going for Colombo Fashion Week. This year I was offered by my best friend to come and work for her dad and obviously I said yes because it is an opportunity for me to see what it is like to be working behind the scenes on huge fashion shows. This was an opportunity for collaborate with designers and model and work with them in order to put a show for about 400 people that attended.

helping the designer stitch the frill of the flower – Photo credit: Nuha Aslam

Most people think that being a model or being in the fashion industry is easy, but let me give you an insight on how hard it is. It is a lot of stress, models are everywhere and you have to get them together, dress them up, sometimes the fitting is wrong which means the designer sometimes has to change the look of it, stitch things on the spot, pinning and creating. It is a lot of stress and pressure.

In the photo he was explaining how it is done – Photo credit: Nuha Aslam

I did not feel the pressure up until we had to get models all dressed up and making sure that their outfits were perfect and presented well. The clothes that Aslam Hussien does are Haute Couture and the clothes are so rich and heavy.  This helped me a lot with community engagement and doing something for the society and putting up a wonderful show. I did not do much other than be a helping hand to the designer as well as the models and the other helpers that were there.

Models I helped Dress – Photo credits: Aslam Hussein Instagram
Models I helped Dress – Photo credits: Aslam Hussein Instagram

Communication was key in doing this show and everyone had to work together in order to be able to get the show on the road. This was  a new experience for me as I did something different this year besides sitting down and enjoying a show, I worked for one of my favourite designers and I learnt so much from him. I am hoping to work with him again on small projects such as weddings/bridal dressings so I can get more experience. Overall this was a fun, new and exciting experience for me and I loved every moment of it.

Miss World, Nadia Gyi in Aslam Hussien Cutore – Photo credits: Aslam Hussein Instagram



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