Season Two – PepRally

As we are approaching the end of season two sports and teams are about to go off on their tournaments we must celebrate them for all their hard work and training. So, we have pep rally as a way to celebrate them. In season two sports we have Boys football, Girls basketball and Badminton. These teams have been working hard since November to achieve great things.

Last year I was voted spirit coordinator and as spirit coordinator I have to make sure that spirit weeks as well as pep-rally goes well.  Although I did not write a post about season one pep rally, it went really well and it was a lot of fun hosting it and I was really excited to host season two as well.

This season we also had SAISA Art, Music and Math which we wanted to appreciate as well as the sports.

This was the biggest assembly that I have ever conducted so it was a lot of work putting everything together and make sure it was perfect and the people knew what they were doing. I had many meetings with Mr. Turner and I met up with Miss Clover to get the assembly scheduled into school and we had an altered so that we would have more time to make it good.

The plan for the assembly was

  1. Seth gives introduction and hypes the audience up
  2. Savi takes over and gets everyone involved by getting Emily (secretary) to run down the isle and making sure that we do a wave. (it was so  much fun and i think everyone loved itP
  3. We had a video from gecko net
  4. We had 6/7 graders come up and teach the school Beat’um Bust’em
  5. We went on to ask questions from each team
  6.  Mr. Turner gives the closing speech
  7. COMUN video
  8. One last cheer
  9. Dismissal

To make sure that everyone knew about this plan I wrote a huge email explaining everything that the teams as well as the speakers need to know.

Cheer time – Photo credits: Gecko Net

In this email, I broke down everything and made it very clear as to what is happening and what is required from all speakers.

Picture of the gecko – Photo Credits: Gecko Net

Overall the Pep-Rally went really well and the people loved it very much and almost everyone said it was the bestPep-Rally that they have had in awhile and it was very spirited. The response I was hoping for was that it was spirited and kept everyone entertained. The only thing I would do differently is speed it up a bit because I went 10 mins above time. Next time I will make sure that it doesn’t happen.

Picture of Me on stage – Photo Credits: Gecko Net

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