Collaborative Workouts

For Action I have been working out outside of school at water edge with my trainer and it is going very well. Last year when we sat down and made goals it was to loose 10kg by December (we started working out in June) and we were able to achieve it and more.  My trainer Aravinda and I were very pleased with the results by the end of the year.

When I started in January this year we set a goal for 20kg by the end of this year (so by December) not an easy task buts a challenge and I really enjoy working out so I am excited. I miss quite a lot of February because it was such a busy month but I bounced back in last week February and I have been on top of my game since. The only problem is that when we workout we forget to take pictures and especially at water edge there are so many people and its a little weird so its hard to document, but the workouts are going really well.  However, I have found a solution for the documentation for “action”.

My peer Shivani Dayal recently quit football as she was not enjoying it and was looking for something to do, this topic came up while we were in Pamoja and I offered to help her and workout with her every Friday after school. We spoke to Miss Nelson Pitagay and we asked her to supervise us and she agreed to.

Our first workout session was on the 1/3/19 although we didn’t document that session we started from the second session on. The workout we did last time was:

  1. Squats – 15X3
  2. Lunges – 15X3
  3. Alternative leg raises – 30X3
  4. Crunches – 15X3
  5. Planks – 30s X 3
  6. Inch work – 10X3
  7. Spiderman – 15X3

For the second session Shivani and I had to do a circuit. I spoke with my trainer and we came up with a good workout that is not that hard but challenging, if that makes sense. The workout/circuit that we did was:

  1. 5 min rowing
  2. Squats 15X3
  3. Thrusters w/ weights 10X3
  4. Pick ups w/ weights 10X3
  5. Wall sits – 30s X3
  6. Planks – 30s X3
  7. One Lap around the field X3
Pick ups weights
Wall sits
rowing for warm up and cool down

once you complete this once its one set and we did three sets of and by the end of it we were dead but the feeling was good.

Shivani and I motivating and encouraging one another to be better. There are many perks that come from working out. You sweat, it helped with stress management, helps you be focused and most importantly after you are done it makes you feel good. By doing collaborative workouts we are also being IB students, through collaboration we are learning and growing and we are being risk taker for trying out something new.

Overall, the workout with my trainer are going really well as well as my workouts with Shivani. I am excited to continue this collaborative workout with Shivani and Miss Nelson.


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