Christmas Cookies

In the last post I mentioned that our service was not doing as much as we should have done and that we have had a minor step back in our girls for girls service journey. After some serious planning Pabasha and I came up with a plan and what we are going to be doing each service session. We have all the planning done and now all we need to do is apply it.

On the 13th of December we had planned to decorate Christmas cookies with the girls. We have this new thing in our service where one service member conducts that days lesson. So they plan everything and do it, this session was Emma’s from grade 8. We decided to do this because it is good practice for them one day when they become service leaders, they need to know how to organize all that is required for that lesson and apply it. For this session, Emma baked the cookies and brought it in and we got Miss Sandy in primary to make some frosting for us to use.

From this activity there are many things the emerge girls can learn. Our main objective with this activity was to enhance their creativity and get them to do something that they probably have not done before. Creativity was our main goal with this activity. They also got to eat the cookies after they decorated and it was a lot of fun. We love working with the girls especially in activities where we are all involved and helping each other.

As a service group we made a cookie to represent our service with all the girls.

Overall, this service session was a huge success, it was good idea to make a service member in charge of each service lesson. As service leaders Pabasha and I will still conduct service sessions and but we want to the other members to have an active role in the service, we will back them up and support them in any way but we want them to have that independence as well as develop organization skills.

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