Wall Climbing – Girls for Girls

Once we got back from our break as an ice breaker for service I decided to do wall climbing with the service. Prior to break I had communicated with emerge and gotten their approval for this activity. I think that the wall climbing activity is a really good activity because, it really challenges you to do something new (for someone who hasn’t done it before) and its definitely a challenge. Although it is not an easy task after you have done the climb and you touch the board right on top there is that sort of satisfaction knowing that you were able to complete it. This is also a metaphor for the girls, sometimes things can be challenging but nothing is impossible and you can definitely do it is what I wanted the emerge girls to understand. This is the second batch that we have decided to do wall climbing with and the last time we did it the girls were very reluctant to take up the challenge but this batch is a really good batch and willing to try new things. We had 12 girls and all the girls did at least one climb.

For this activity I spoke to Mr. Lockwood, Miss Kamila, Miss O’Sullivan, Mr. Eric and very helpful sixth graders Amy, Alannah and Rosie. Amy, Alannah and Rosie have helped us out before the last time we did the climb and these girls are experienced and they are very  helpful and good with the girls. Mr. Lockwood, Miss Kamila and Mr. Eric were there to help and supervise us all make sure nothing goes wrong.

In the picture above, that is one of the girls from emerge climbing the toughest wall that we have and it is very challenging and she did not stop until she got to the top. She was able to do almost all the walls except for the one right next to the toughest wall. She was disappointed and very determine to do it again and try and try till she made it to the top.

Doing wall climbing is a very good exercise. It works all the muscles in you need to use your body in order to do this.  Although the emerge girls do some physical activity, I don’t think its is very intense they do self-defence and this was a good physical activity for them.  Wall climbing also helps stable emotion and is very good for your brain.

This activity was a huge success and I think that we should make this an activity that we do with all the girls. It is a good opportunity for them as well as a challenge for them and i think these types of challenges are good. Some of the girls were very determine to climb the hardest wall or the wall right next to hardest wall and they were very determine. There was one girl who did all four walls and did wall one and two about 3 times. They loved it and wanted to do it again. After an intense workout we gave the girls milkshakes, orange juice and a small snack to refreshen them up. Maybe we’ll do this activity with them one more time just because they were so determine to climb the wall. Overall this activity was a success and we will continue to do this activity with all the other batches that we get.


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