SAISA Girls Volleyball 2018 – Event Crew

OSC hosted this year’s saisa girls volleyball. This event is an big deal and it requires a lot of work and time. As spirit coordinator it is my job to make sure that event crew is organized and make sure that the event is properly organized. I had to have many meeting with Mr. Turner to make sure that everything is in place. What event crew basically does is that they make sure that the website is updated with all the scores, score sheets are given to the referees, make sure that that social media is updated, making sure live streams are up and working, making sure that there are photographers always talking pictures and videos and planning the social night for all the saisa members. As spirit coordinator I have to make sure that the opening ceremony goes smoothly. I had to talk to primary school about “Adopt-a-Team” this basically where each Saisa team that comes gets assigned a class from the primary and they will cheer them on and will walk with them on the day of the ceremony. Organizing this was a little challenging but the primary teachers were very cooperative and so supportive. There was a dance by Grade one too and it was amazing, they did such a good job! I had to also make a new seating plan for the assembly, which was much easier than i had expected.

Mr. Turner asked me to make a seating plan that we can use at OSC for a long time, so when I made this seating plan I had to think about the future OSC SAISA assemblies and how they could possibly fit 8-10 teams. I hope that this seating plan will help Mr. Tuner and our future spirit coordinators as well.

After all this was planned I had to plan the opening ceremony and how this is going to go. I had the honor of being the MC along with my classmate Disara. I have to be honest, I made the script the night before the assembly but Disara and I were able to improvise and just decide on the spot and pull it off (IB has taught us how to handle unexpected situations). Before this assembly I had done founders day Assembly and it was a lot of fun and I was really looking forward to doing this assembly. This was a photo taken by our school photographer of Disara and I getting ready to host the assembly.

This was probably the best assembly that i have done, i think that it was short, simple and to the point. After the assembly was over, I received many positive comments from everyone  and it made Disara and I feel good because we knew that everything went well. The highlight of this assembly was when Mr. Tuner said “good job girls, this was probably the best opening ceremony…ever”

                                                                       (Photo taken by OSC photographer)

SAISA competitions are usually 3 day long and it is a lot of work. I was head event crew and ahead of time Mr. Turner and I picked people and put them in, along with Gecko Net. Gecko Net is very involved in events such as saisa because of their videography as well as photography and we have Anuda who is basically in charge of all the tech, who taught all the little kids how to work the camera’s, how to work the score’s and how to do live streams. It was a lot of work and three days of working till from 7:30 am till 8:00pm is a lot but it was fun. Event crew is a lot of work but its a nice experience for kids from all ages to bond and work along side each other.

This has been such a great experience for me, learning to take up challenges that I never thought I could do before as well as leading and taking control. I loved MCing for assemblies and I look forward to doing many more assemblies and organizing events for the school


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