Badminton – Season 2

This year since I have been focusing a lot on becoming healthier and a fitter person and I heard that playing badminton is good for fitness. I have played Badminton before in PE and in 9th grade I did it for fun with another friend of mine. It was fun and I really enjoyed it back then and it was really tiring but it was fun, always trying to beat one another whilst scoring it was fun. I have not played competitive badminton and I don’t know if I can but I am just trying out for fun and the fitness aspect of it.

Advantages of doing badminton:

  • Muscle Tone: hamstrings, quads, thighs, calves
  • Strengthens Core Muscles: arms, back, abs as well
  • Physiological Benefits: because you are working out and sweating it reduces stress and anxiety.

I am mainly doing badminton for the fitness aspect of it, to run around and play sports.  Like I have mentioned before I am not the most athletic person and I want to try out new things this year like I have been doing for the past couple months and starting badminton will be good not just for my fitness but it will keep me engaged and i will be wasting less time on things that distract me as well because there is a lot of work that needs to be done once I am home, so I think that playing badminton will really help me be:

  • focused
  • fit
  • less stressed
  • loose weight

Facts: Depending on the person and how much you play and how hard you play.  On average you can burn about 100-200 calories in 30 minutes of playing badminton. 

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset – photo taken by Pankhuri

This year I spoke to Mr. Pradeep about joinning just for fun and playing for fitness, although I have really started enjoy the game and I like playing it. I am still not thinking about going on SAISA but Mr. Pradeep has asked to travel if I do get selected and I am willing to go if I do get selected.

I am excited for this season and to learn more about badminton.

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