Celebrating 61 Year of OSC

Founders day assembly is a very important assembly in our school calendar, as we celebrate OSC for all the years of education and knowledge provided. This assembly is also to thank all our teacher and staff, especially the long-term serving staff members. This year Mr. Sarinda asked if I could MC along with Ritheek from 9th grade. This year I had the honor of hosting the 61st  Founder’s Day assembly. On Thursday, the day before, Ritheek and I along with Mr. Sarinda went over the script many times and we were prepared, although I was very nervous, and this was the first assembly that I had ever done, so I was very worried about messing up.

The day came and once I was up on the podium ready to speak, I was no longer nervous and ready to get it done. Ritheek and I are very good friends, so we were able to do a good job up there. Mr. Sarinda was very happy with what we had done and wanted Ritheek and I to do it next year as well.

This year I wanted to do new things and experience new things. Public speaking was never my strong suit and when Mr. Sarinda asked me I wasn’t so sure at first, but I decided to be a risk taker and take up the challenge and do it, I am also very happy that Ritheek was there by my side during this assembly. Overall, I was very happy that I did this assembly, it was a good foundation for me because I am going to be doing Pep Rallies and hosting other assemblies and this was a good opportunity for me to speak and get comfortable up there.

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