Service – Semester One Reflection and Improvements

Semester one of service has been very successful. We have officially worked with one batch that was absolutely amazing and we look forward to working with the next group. Although service is going well I think it was important that the girls in our service voiced their opinion and tell the service leads what they think is going well and what is not going so well and what they would like improved. The service leaders of G4G sent out a google form asking everyone to respond to it so that we can improve for semester two.

There were three questions that we asked out OSC girls

  1. Do you enjoy the service?
  2. What is your favorite thing about the service?
  3. What would you like to see more of next year in service?

Responses to the questions

response the question one. As you can see all the girls enjoy our service. Which I think is good, this shows that the girls that work with us passionate and they want to keep working hard in our service.
This question gives us a service leader with an idea as to what the girls like about our service. this way we know if we should continue doing things that we would usually do or if we should change things up.
This question gives us an idea as to what people want to see more in the service. This gives us space for improvements. We should not only look out for the happiness and well being of the girls from emerge that comes but we also want to make sure that service is something that is enjoyed. We want to make sure our OSC girls enjoy doing service.

By doing service reflections like this, it helps us service leads as well as the teachers to understand where we need to focus more off. Every week we try to get the girls down but we need to make sure the planning is prim and proper.

Overall, I think that we have gotten a positive response from the girls at OSC. We will try and spend more time with the girls as well as try and visit the salvation army shelter for women survivors of sexual abuse. We are planning a seminar that is coming up soon that is planned by Rika and possibly a bake sale. We are also planning on having our annual holi fundraiser that will be done a little differently this year compared to the previous years it was conducted. Girls for girls is excited for another semester fo awesome, collaborative and fun work with the girls form emerge. We are hoping to work with two more batches before the end of the year.

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