Music Production Update!

Continuing with my creativity task from last year, I’ve learned a lot more on the process of how to make music. Over that period of time I’ve been able to learn a lot more techniques about music production, the most note able technique that I’ve learned in my opinion is how to sample other songs. Sampling is the method of the reusing of a portion/sample of a sound recording in another recording. The way I got interested in sampling music is as a result of today’s hip-hop music where sampling is commonly used in the production of music. However, the artist that best used this technique inspired me the most these individuals include, Kanye West who is widely recognised for his chipmunk style soul samples, No I.D who is one of the most creative produces when it comes to using samples throughout his production, and Madlib who is commonly known for his unorthodox approach for using samples within his beats.

The process of learning how to sample songs proved to be quite challenging for me due to the fact that trying to understand the software behind it was difficult. In addition, the software that I had been using up until now wasn’t particularly user friendly when it came to sampling so it took me a sometime to get a grasp on how to do it. As of now I’m still in the beginner process of learning how to weave in samples throughout my production but I’m dedicated to continuing my learning process. However the best way to learn is to bring the theory into practical. Therefore, I made a beat but left it without an outro as this was the portion of the recording where I wanted to introduce the sample. I found the prefect record to sample, New Slaves by Kanye West. The track already has an amazing outro that I thought would fit in well, however I had a few changes in mind that made it fit my beat better. The first recording is the original sample of the song, and below it is my beat with the my additions. For my beat I lowered the pitch, slowed the loop, added reverb as well as playing it over a guitar pedal to give it a broader effect.

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