Introduction During DLP our economics class decided to do something to help those most effected by the covid-19 pandemic in Sri Lanka. We came to the decision to host a fundraiser however given the situation around us doing it face to face wouldn’t be possible. Furthermore, we wanted to host an event that revolved around […]

DP 2 CAS Goals

We as the class of 2021 are in a unique position in which we are in a time of constant uncertainty due to the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic. Thankfully the situation in Sri Lanka isn’t as dire as it is in some of the other parts of the world, in addition I’m grateful […]

DP Orientation!

DP1 Orientation! From the 28th of August to the 31st, the enthusiastic class of 2021 embarked on an adventure that would be marked in history as the start of their bold and rigorous two-year-long journey through the IB Diploma‚ĶDP Orientation! The three-day trip took place in Kitulgala, Sri Lanka. The trip was organized by Borderlands […]


CAS Goals Creativity COMUN & Guitar This year, I decided to do COMUN as my creativity element, this is my first year taking part in COMUN, reason why I decided to choose COMUN as my source of creativity is because I thought that it would be a good way of me stepping out of my […]

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