During DLP our economics class decided to do something to help those most effected by the covid-19 pandemic in Sri Lanka. We came to the decision to host a fundraiser however given the situation around us doing it face to face wouldn’t be possible. Furthermore, we wanted to host an event that revolved around our schools community as well as inculcating the message of staying united as a school. As a result we felt the best course of action that addresses the ideas that we want to bring forward, was to host an virtual fundraiser. The “Zoomathon” an online event hosted on zoom and and streamed onto youtube, was what we thought would be the most effective way of bringing the community together and being able to raise donations, we also decided to hold an along with the Zoomathon, as a way to generate more donations.

This post will be focusing on the event as well as how I helped contribute to towards it.

The Process

Before we could start doing any major work we first had to break down the roles what would be required in order to make this event a success as well as those needed to fill those roles. Our class consists on 11 people and we figured it would be best if everyone were to split into groups for our roles, to ensure that we could get it done as soon as possible. Some people were in charge of getting the technological aspect sorted out, due to the fact that our whole event was virtual we had to ensure that our background operations were up and running. This entailed, setting up the website to which viewers could donate, and figuring out how to effectively run a live zoom call through youtube, and placing the auction items on sale. The other group including myself was in charge on reaching out to sponsors as well as finding an organisation to whom we could donate the money to, and collecting videos from students, teachers, parents, and alumni who were interested in participating in the livestream.

My first assignment was to reach out to previous students asking them if they were interested in submitting a video. I reached out to various alumni asking them if they were interested in sharing a few video’s giving some support to the OSC community. In addition to gathering videos from alumni’s I also helped in trying to gather sponsors for the auction site that we were having along side our livestream. I reached out to several local business asking if they were able to sponsor any goods or services for the auction site. However most businesses were hesitant in providing us with sponsorships due to the situation around us, however we were aware of the difficulty going in.

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