Activity 2021

Over the course of this year so far I have been significantly more active than I have for a while. Last time I made a post addressing activity I felt that I was heading down the right path. Reflecting on it now I’m happy with the progress that I’ve been able to make within that […]

Service 2021

Doing service through DLP was perhaps one of the biggest challenges we faced, in particular housing and habitat due to the fact that most of the service activities and task were dependent on hands on activity. As a result most of our time during service lessons were dedicated to finding activities or programs that we […]

Music Production Update!

Continuing with my creativity task from last year, I’ve learned a lot more on the process of how to make music. Over that period of time I’ve been able to learn a lot more techniques about music production, the most note able technique that I’ve learned in my opinion is how to sample other songs. […]


Introduction During DLP our economics class decided to do something to help those most effected by the covid-19 pandemic in Sri Lanka. We came to the decision to host a fundraiser however given the situation around us doing it face to face wouldn’t be possible. Furthermore, we wanted to host an event that revolved around […]

Staying Active!

At the start of this year I made significant improvements in staying active and taking care of my physical wellness. I did this through going to the gym at least 2 times a week and doing morning runs every Saturday. However after we got placed under lockdown all that progress halted and I had to […]

DP 2 CAS Goals

We as the class of 2021 are in a unique position in which we are in a time of constant uncertainty due to the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic. Thankfully the situation in Sri Lanka isn’t as dire as it is in some of the other parts of the world, in addition I’m grateful […]

Creativity In DLP

Through the course of the distance learning program (DLP) I tried to find ways to engage in creativity. However the one that I found to be the most enjoyable was music more specifically making beats for songs. I started watching more and more videos on music and I started to get really interested especially with […]

Activity In DLP

One of my main goals for this year was to be more physically active, over the course of the year I did become more and more physically active. In fact another goal that I had was to make it onto the SAISA badminton team, however due to the prevailing situations with Covid-19 we weren’t able […]

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