Music Production Update!

Continuing with my creativity task from last year, I’ve learned a lot more on the process of how to make music. Over that period of time I’ve been able to learn a lot more techniques about music production, the most note able technique that I’ve learned in my opinion is how to sample other songs. […]

Venture North: WWW 2020

Part of OSC’s school curriculum is the week without walls program (WWW). This is a program that send a group of 12-15 students from MYP 5 and DP 1 on a journey in Sri Lanka, this year there were five dedicated programs that students could choose from. This year I decided to select the Venture […]

MUN, Donation to Temple School

Temple School was having a stationary drive, MUN decided to make a contribution. We had lots of extra bags last year’s COMUN conference¬† that weren’t being used so we decided to donate them to the temple school. We had a variety of donations however majority of which was stationary with the rest of them being […]

OLIVER! – Front Of House

The annual secoundary school production 2019 held and organized by the OSC Theater Group took place two weeks ago. This year’s production was an modern interpretation of the classic musical, OLIVER!. The musical was held at the school auditorium on the 5th, 6th, and the 7th of December 2019. However the students has started rehearsing […]

COMUN Conference Work Shop

COMUN DELEGATE WORK SHOP 2019 On Saturday the 7th of December, the COMUN society came together at OSC for a delegate work shop. The purpose of this workshop was to inform the novice delegates about the procedure of the conferences. Since this is my first year doing COMUN I had to attended this workshop , […]

UN DAY 2019!

UN Day, 2019! On the 4th of October, OSC held it’s annual celebration of UN Day. I decided to volunteer as a presenter for UN Day this year, the reason is because I thought that it was a good opportunity for me to practice my public speaking, in addition as a MUN representative I thought […]

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