CAS Project- OSC Ambassadors Website Planning

CAS requires students to participate in a range of extracurricular activities. Every IB student is required to also do a CAS Project. So for my CAS project, I wanted to make a website for our service “OSC Ambassadors”. The objective of this website was to explain to people what our service does, which is to help with the well-being of the students that are new to our OSC community. We also wanted to show a few things about our school and tell them about a few things they could do in and around Colombo.

To create and develop my website, I took help from Jed Bishop, from Grade 7 and Ashna Singh, from Grade 8. We started choosing user-friendly templates on WordPress because it is very easy to use. After choosing an appropriate template, we started making and writing on the homepage. I really am grateful for their help because I had the content I wanted to put on the website but I really didn’t know how to make a website. The homepage consisted of information about the objectives of our service and we plan to make a few other tabs that will contain information about the service group members and things that can be done in Colombo.

Through this activity, I wanted to achieve:

LO2 (Challenge and skills): Through this project, I hope to develop my website making skills because that is the only challenge I’m currently facing. I will take Jed and Ashna’s help to do it.

LO3 (Initiative and planning): I had to plan how the website will look and after identifying the target audience, what is the appropriate content that the website can have which can be useful for the target audience. So, I decided that I should write about the objectives of the service group- which is to help new students and families settle in, include some important contact details like our emails and social media accounts and also things to do around Colombo.

LO5 (Collaborative skills): Since Jed and Ashna will be helping me make the website, the collaboration will be a fun process and also a learning experience for me.

An updated CAS post will be made about the website when it is finished.


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