Fitness in Quarantine

I wanted to continue with Personal Fitness at home and it’s going good so far. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the gym and the swimming pool in our condominium have been closed, so I had to think about what I can do in my apartment. After looking through countless disappointing YouTube fitness playlists, I decided that the most basic thing I could do in this situation was to walk up and down flights of stairs. So every morning, after I have up and finish my morning routine, I take my earphones and my iPod and go down to the ground floor and start walking up. On the first day, I could reach the 20th floor before being completely exhausted. Since I live on the 28th my goal is that by the end of the month, I need to be able to do at least that much or preferably even more.

After a few weeks, my friends and I agreed to do a 2 weeks abs workout challenge (link). It’s really helpful having friends doing the same thing as you so you can check in on each other and keep track of progress. It also encourages you to commit and not give it up within the first few days.

The learning outcomes I’m trying to achieve with this are:

LO1: I want to be able to grow continuously and keep achieving new goals.

LO4: I’m committed to making exercise a part of my daily routine.

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