CAS Project: OSC Ambassadors Website

My CAS project has FINALLY come to an end! To recap, for my CAS project, I was working on a website with Jed Bishop from Grade 7 and Ashna Singh from Grade 8. We wanted to make a website that talks about who we are as a service group, what our objectives are, and also a few fun things to do while in Colombo– since our target audience is people who are new to Colombo and are considering studying in OSC. Allow me to take you through the website 🙂

The first page

This is the homepage of our website- It tells the reader about who we are and what we do, and also displays our beautiful logo which was created by Shivani.

The second page

The second page has important contact details including our email and the school counsellor’s email. We had also created an Instagram page for our service so that we can keep people posted about what new things we’re doing and get in touch with people easily.

The final page

The last page has some information about things people can do in and around Colombo. From food to entertainment, we’ve got it covered.

Making this website with Jed and Ashna for our service was a learning experience for me because I really didn’t know how websites were made. I had all the content written down on Google docs and I didn’t know how to put it on a website and that’s where I got a lot of help in doing it. I hope this website can be worked upon even in the future and can be updated with every new thing that the OSC Ambassadors plan to do.

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