Yearbook 2020

This semester, I started working on the Week Without Walls pages. Since this is my first time working with Adobe InDesign, I had to work on learning how to use it, and it was complex. I had to learn how to make borders, insert pictures, different fonts, colors, and the overall aesthetic of my pages. After I had InDesign figured out, I had to wait for the teachers to turn in the WWW pictures so that I could start making the pages– and that took longer than expected. But I kept finishing pages for the groups I’d received the pictures from so that it doesn’t become last-minute work. By doing this activity I wanted to focus on:

LO2: Challenge and Skills- I initially did not know how to use InDesign so I had to work on developing those skills.

LO3: Initiative and Planning- I had to show my planning skills because I could not get all the pictures at once so I had to plan the most efficient way of completing my pages.

LO4: Commitment and Perseverance- Committing to the Yearbook club for a whole year was a responsibility and I wanted to stay focused and contribute towards making it a successful project.

and LO5: Collaborative Skills- When you’re working in a club like this, there are a lot of people working with you who want their ideas to be heard as well and more often than not, have different ideas. Making the Yearbook is a collaborative process and it has taught me how to work with others and how to incorporate their ideas into my work. 

After long hours of working on my pages, I had come up with these (picture below)

A screenshot of the first draft of my one spread of my pages.

After showing it to our Yearbook Coordinator, Ms. Mora, we decided that I needed to modify the borders a little bit so that it could look a little bit more “rustic”. So, we came up with this (Picture below)

The final draft

Working with the Yearbook club was a fun experience, and it really helped me learn new skills whilst keeping me in touch with my creative side throughout the year- if not through my pages, through others’ pages.

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