Semester 1 Service Reflection

This semester, the OSC Ambassadors wanted to work on magnifying the impact we wanted to create on the OSC community. We figured that we should be addressing to our school community as a whole, and not only high school students. And we also wanted to start working on making any new student’s transition into the OSC community easier. So we started working towards our new objective by creating an email and sending personalized emails to any prospective students. This gave us an opportunity to interact with them before they joined our school and warm them up to our diverse community. We also started making a website with information about ourselves and the city, which could help new families wanting to figure their way around the city. Bring the service leader, this year, has helped me work on my communication skills. Also, the age range of the work we wanted to do really required for all of us to now how to put across our ideas efficiently and differently so that it is impactful.

Also, the constant need to think and communicate on the spot has really taught me how to think on my feet. Presentations and seminars have always required us to do something completely unexpected and uncalled for and we’ve always been ready for it and tackled it with grace. And for that, I’m proud of my team and myself. One thing we do need to continue working on is better advertising. We recognized that having issues with mental health isn’t the easiest thing to talk about for students and we need to make ourselves look more approachable and make our aim clear to anybody who is looking for someone to talk to. I want to try my best to take our service group to reach its fullest potential, as the service leader and that, is my target for the next semester 🙂

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