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Pre Season Prep – Swimming


From the beginning of this school year, I have been excited for the start of SAISA swim season, given that this period not only provides the much – needed introduction to ease myself into the local swimming scene but helps me improve and perfect my technique; by extension my speed. However, before I begin my first training session, I would like to not only set a goal for myself but make a promise, that I will not only aim to improve the physicality of the sport, in terms of speed and technique, but improve my mentality and outlook. For example, in the past, I have always thought that not winning a race was synonymous with failure, but I hope to alter my belief by boosting my morale and self-confidence by practicing my technique, while focusing on speed sets. I would also hope to re-evaluate my attitude during training, since I always gave up trying to keep up with a set, if I struggled to finish within the on – time.

National Championships 2018

In order to fix these flaws within my training regime, I would ensure that I start with sets that I am able to keep up with and gradually increase the intensity. I feel that this method would not only help me gain a sense of confidence but can, inherently, teach me the values of perseverance and resilience.

“It’s definitely tough being a swimmer. But it’s also exhilarating”, Rebecca Soni (200m Breastroke WRH)

On a side note, in terms of my performance, I have been classified as a sprinter, and thus struggle with issues regarding my endurance. However, in order to combat this issue, I also hope to increase the endurance element within my training regime, by talking to my Coach and customizing sets, that would enhance my skills for SAISA. Through research, I have realized that most sprinters have a large section, dedicated for endurance sets, as further investigation has educated me; that the correlation between speed and endurance is positive, given that once endurance is enhanced, then the speed of one’s sprint will, inevitably increase.

My average training schedule (6450 km)

  • 1000m choice warm up
  • 10 x 100m choice kick (2.0 mins)
  • 10 x 100m choice pull (2.0 mins)
  • 20 x 100m freestyle (1. 40 mins)
  • 3 x 200m breastroke FP (4 mins)
  • 100m easy swim
  • 10 x 25m choice (1.0 mins)
  • 500m cool down

In addition, in terms of SAISA, I also hope to be a good role – model for the younger swimmers in our team, to be an ambassador of not only my principles but to instill the core values of SAISA; sportsmanship, commitment, perseverance …

ajayakody2 • November 2, 2019

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