Anargi’s CAS Journey

Journey of an IB student


… And the curtains close

Walking towards the SMPR as a 10th grade student with my parents, ready for  DP Orientation when the most important agenda on my mind was the Personal Project. Sitting with my parents, the glare of the projector painting the room in an almost otherworldly atmosphere, the tension was almost palpable, even more so than the…

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COMUN 2021: Finale

For the past four years, participating and leading structure debate after-school activity every Monday and Tuesday for the past four years and applying these skills against other delegates in a mass inter-school competition has been the normality. The adrenaline rush that one feels when lifting their placard and completely breaking down their opposition’s speaker’s list…

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First Virtual Class with RCCI

Over the past couple months, my fellow service leaders and I have been struggling to interact with the students from RCCI as we were under the impression that many did not have access to devices that would allow for a zoom interaction. However, a chance encounter with a parent from RCCI rearranged our preconceptions when…

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Trip to Boy’s Town Ragama

Aside from being service leader for RCCI at school, I have always been involved with personal service projects such as volunteering at Ma Sevana which is a home for teenage mothers who are survivors of sexual assault and interning at Saravodya which is an orphanage for children aged two to eight. Giving back to the…

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COMUN 2021: Practice Debates

The immediate momentum of this conference sprang into action the moment this venture was ‘greenlighted’ by the OSC administration and gave me a clear foreshadowing of the energy and passion disseminated by the EXCO and Secretariat to come. I am hopeful, yes with some reservations, but that was only natural and in fact healthy to…

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RCCI: Starting Small

The start of last year’s wave of curfew, quarantine, and hopeless somewhat deterred our efforts in the beginning as all our grand plans on improving RCCI both domestically and through the larger Colombo Community were inherently shattered. However the three months that we were in lockdown, my fellow service leaders and I pieced together whatever…

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Walks along Nuwara Eliya Town

Hoping to find a change a scenery, along with a change of pace, I convinced my parents to visit our house in Nuwara Eliya for a few days. Turns out that I didn’t really have to put in much effort because moving away from the smog and pollution covered city to literally greener pastures seemed…

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Delving headfirst in a pool of hundred something applications was a riveting task, fueled by my surprise in the sheer interest towards COMUN and the support of Colombo society. Scrolling through my emails, my eyes rushing past white blocks lightening up my screen, similarly titled “COMUN EXCO APPLICATION” made this conference and my position all…

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The Start of COMUN 2021

Driven by Corona induced anxiety and the stress of tackling the logistical conundrum that would become this year’s Colombo Model United nations, the waiting process to be given the green light for this venture was positively nail-biting. The end of last year’s conference left me with a feeling of hopefulness and excitement for this year’s…

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Sri Sucharitha Movement 2.0

Transitioning from June to July, the somewhat chaotic political landscape of the Colombo heightened to reveal multiple discrepancies; especially regarding the flaws of the education ministry. The whirlwind that were the general parliamentary elections, that unofficially began in late June, left a trail of unanswered questions and saddening realizations in terms of the neglected marginalized…

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