Anargi’s CAS Journey

Journey of an IB student


… And the curtains close

Walking towards the SMPR as a 10th grade student with my parents, ready for  DP Orientation when the most important agenda on my mind was the Personal Project. Sitting with my parents, the glare of the projector painting the room in an almost otherworldly atmosphere, the tension was almost palpable, even more so than the…

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Delving headfirst in a pool of hundred something applications was a riveting task, fueled by my surprise in the sheer interest towards COMUN and the support of Colombo society. Scrolling through my emails, my eyes rushing past white blocks lightening up my screen, similarly titled “COMUN EXCO APPLICATION” made this conference and my position all…

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The Start of COMUN 2021

Driven by Corona induced anxiety and the stress of tackling the logistical conundrum that would become this year’s Colombo Model United nations, the waiting process to be given the green light for this venture was positively nail-biting. The end of last year’s conference left me with a feeling of hopefulness and excitement for this year’s…

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Sri Sucharitha Movement 2.0

Transitioning from June to July, the somewhat chaotic political landscape of the Colombo heightened to reveal multiple discrepancies; especially regarding the flaws of the education ministry. The whirlwind that were the general parliamentary elections, that unofficially began in late June, left a trail of unanswered questions and saddening realizations in terms of the neglected marginalized…

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DP 2 CAS Goals

  Summer Sluggishly the days of Distance Learning Program (DLP); waking up in the morning to a fresh serving of whatever subject was scheduled for first block, bled into summer. For the first month of summer vacation, I felt as if I was stuck in this distant dream-like state, unattached from reality and simply enjoying…

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DP 1 CAS Reflection

I would describe this year as trying to ride a bicycle. In an effort to specify this generic analogy, I will return to its base interpretation; once I passed the initial glimpse into DP 1 in the first two months, come September I was thriving on the steady influx of assignments that were being scattered…

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Quarantine Series: Letter 4

Dear Corona, Let me list the things that are needed to allow me to compulsively consume junk food: Isolationist environment Constant state of exhaustion Stress from school work Looming threat of exams Paranoia Uncertainty for the future. I think it’s safe to admit that all of the above, almost completely because of you, have forced…

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Colombo Model United Nations 2020

How do I condition myself to be a strong and supportive member of the Free World? Join Model United Nations, or what is nationally known as COMUN. Being the biggest Model UN in the country, I not only feel a lasting sense of accomplishment for being a part of the Executive Committee that organized COMUN…

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Play at Parks Street Mews

Being a first year, higher level IB theatre students, one can imagine my elation when being offered tickets to go see a play performed by my peers at, ‘Elizabeth Moir’, titled, “An Enemy of the State” by Henrik Ibsens.   I was excited for two reasons. The first was predominately because this is the first…

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Jaffna Resonances 2020

    Every year, our school treats us to a ‘Week without walls’ program, which takes us on a week-long trip to a specific part of Sri Lanka, to engage with our more simplistic and authentic selves. The students of MYP 5 and DP 1 are provided with the opportunity to choose one out of…

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