Anargi’s CAS Journey

Journey of an IB student

Quarantine Series: Letter 4

Dear Corona, Let me list the things that are needed to allow me to compulsively consume junk food: Isolationist environment Constant state of exhaustion Stress from school work Looming threat of exams Paranoia Uncertainty for the future. I think it’s safe to admit that all of the above, almost completely because of you, have forced…

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Quarantine Series: Letter 3

Dear Corona, I suppose one aspect that I could thank you for is me not having to do any form of exercise or activity throughout my day. In a normal day, I would have gained some form of circulation by moving between classes. However, now being glued to my seat, I used the overwhelming number…

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Quarantine Series: Letter 2

Dear Corona, While distracting myself with various activities and creative projects, I realized that the people who are hardest hit by you are those living on a daily source of income. If we take a closer look at the socio-economic landscape of Sri Lanka, it can be assumed that more 45% of the entire populace…

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Quarantine Series: Letter 1

Dear Corona, I know that this is my first letter, and it may seem too long a glance into my life. Especially compared to the snippets of attention that is given to you comprising of three letter words and the occasional emoji, describing your latest updates and activity. It seems like you enjoy island hopping…

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Colombo Model United Nations 2020

How do I condition myself to be a strong and supportive member of the Free World? Join Model United Nations, or what is nationally known as COMUN. Being the biggest Model UN in the country, I not only feel a lasting sense of accomplishment for being a part of the Executive Committee that organized COMUN…

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