Anargi’s CAS Journey

Journey of an IB student


… And the curtains close

Walking towards the SMPR as a 10th grade student with my parents, ready for  DP Orientation when the most important agenda on my mind was the Personal Project. Sitting with my parents, the glare of the projector painting the room in an almost otherworldly atmosphere, the tension was almost palpable, even more so than the…

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COMUN 2021: Practice Debates

The immediate momentum of this conference sprang into action the moment this venture was ‘greenlighted’ by the OSC administration and gave me a clear foreshadowing of the energy and passion disseminated by the EXCO and Secretariat to come. I am hopeful, yes with some reservations, but that was only natural and in fact healthy to…

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Walks along Nuwara Eliya Town

Hoping to find a change a scenery, along with a change of pace, I convinced my parents to visit our house in Nuwara Eliya for a few days. Turns out that I didn’t really have to put in much effort because moving away from the smog and pollution covered city to literally greener pastures seemed…

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The Resistance: Rebels Runners

… Or at least that is what we call ourselves. Waking up at 5:30 and scraping what little motivation and drive we have into a little cesspit of energy calls for some embellishment, doesn’t it? Well I think so and so does my running partner. Exercise has always played a role in my life, stemming…

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“Swimming’s for the Summer and the Sanctimonious Kind”

Over the summer, the stress filled pressure of my mid-IB life began to bore me in early July as the mechanical structure of my day; waking at noon, lounging around the house, stressing about EE and looming exams, began to constrict me. However, in actuality, spending a fraction of the allocated time completing my work…

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DP 2 CAS Goals

  Summer Sluggishly the days of Distance Learning Program (DLP); waking up in the morning to a fresh serving of whatever subject was scheduled for first block, bled into summer. For the first month of summer vacation, I felt as if I was stuck in this distant dream-like state, unattached from reality and simply enjoying…

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DP 1 CAS Reflection

I would describe this year as trying to ride a bicycle. In an effort to specify this generic analogy, I will return to its base interpretation; once I passed the initial glimpse into DP 1 in the first two months, come September I was thriving on the steady influx of assignments that were being scattered…

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Quarantine Series: Letter 4

Dear Corona, Let me list the things that are needed to allow me to compulsively consume junk food: Isolationist environment Constant state of exhaustion Stress from school work Looming threat of exams Paranoia Uncertainty for the future. I think it’s safe to admit that all of the above, almost completely because of you, have forced…

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Quarantine Series: Letter 3

Dear Corona, I suppose one aspect that I could thank you for is me not having to do any form of exercise or activity throughout my day. In a normal day, I would have gained some form of circulation by moving between classes. However, now being glued to my seat, I used the overwhelming number…

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Quarantine Series: Letter 1

Dear Corona, I know that this is my first letter, and it may seem too long a glance into my life. Especially compared to the snippets of attention that is given to you comprising of three letter words and the occasional emoji, describing your latest updates and activity. It seems like you enjoy island hopping…

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