Anargi’s CAS Journey

Journey of an IB student

MUN Donations

Last year, I played a significant role in helping the OSC Delegation win the Service Award as I worked tirelessly for two months writing letters and organizing meetings with local business owners such as the CEO of Keels, Careems Jewelers and the Owner of Hayleys, to name a few. My aim was to convince them…

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RCCI Service Plan

Mental illness is often perceived as a stigmatized topic within Sri Lanka, with many, victim to the societal prejudices that are inflicted upon patients. The primary basis for the neglect and scorn that citizens with mental illness receive is the lack of education, inadequate resources and lack of integration into society, to allow for independency….

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SAISA was a rollercoaster of emotions and sensational experiences. The only coherent feeling that I retained from being in an ecstatic and blissful state for three days is that indescribable feeling of both enjoyment contrasted with that inkling of dread when you know that ‘all good things must come to an end’. This was true…

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UN Day 2019

I am still awestruck by the sheer number of nationalities, ethnicities, races, cultures and religions all festering within the walls of OSC, and on United Nations day this statistic is transformed into a celebration of our differences. Every year, my favorite moment out of this incredible day is not the flag parade and shockingly, not…

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ISTA Taps 2019: Kuala Lumpur

  ISTA Taps was an unforgettable experience as it served as an elevated platform in which I could present and showcase my existing techniques, skills and knowledge in theatre, while exploring the other intricacies of the subject. The three days were filled with enriching learning experiences and fun – filled activities, that helped us to…

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Pre Season Prep – Swimming

  From the beginning of this school year, I have been excited for the start of SAISA swim season, given that this period not only provides the much – needed introduction to ease myself into the local swimming scene but helps me improve and perfect my technique; by extension my speed. However, before I begin…

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