Anargi’s CAS Journey

Journey of an IB student


… And the curtains close

Walking towards the SMPR as a 10th grade student with my parents, ready for  DP Orientation when the most important agenda on my mind was the Personal Project. Sitting with my parents, the glare of the projector painting the room in an almost otherworldly atmosphere, the tension was almost palpable, even more so than the…

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First Virtual Class with RCCI

Over the past couple months, my fellow service leaders and I have been struggling to interact with the students from RCCI as we were under the impression that many did not have access to devices that would allow for a zoom interaction. However, a chance encounter with a parent from RCCI rearranged our preconceptions when…

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Trip to Boy’s Town Ragama

Aside from being service leader for RCCI at school, I have always been involved with personal service projects such as volunteering at Ma Sevana which is a home for teenage mothers who are survivors of sexual assault and interning at Saravodya which is an orphanage for children aged two to eight. Giving back to the…

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RCCI: Starting Small

The start of last year’s wave of curfew, quarantine, and hopeless somewhat deterred our efforts in the beginning as all our grand plans on improving RCCI both domestically and through the larger Colombo Community were inherently shattered. However the three months that we were in lockdown, my fellow service leaders and I pieced together whatever…

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Sri Sucharitha Movement 2.0

Transitioning from June to July, the somewhat chaotic political landscape of the Colombo heightened to reveal multiple discrepancies; especially regarding the flaws of the education ministry. The whirlwind that were the general parliamentary elections, that unofficially began in late June, left a trail of unanswered questions and saddening realizations in terms of the neglected marginalized…

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Abstract Artistic Araceous

For those of you who don’t understand what the definition of araceous is, it quite simply put ‘of or relating to a family of plants’, hence Botany. I chose the word just for the aesthetic purpose of alliteration as I dwell into my newfound love for art, and especially the art of painting flora.  …

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“Swimming’s for the Summer and the Sanctimonious Kind”

Over the summer, the stress filled pressure of my mid-IB life began to bore me in early July as the mechanical structure of my day; waking at noon, lounging around the house, stressing about EE and looming exams, began to constrict me. However, in actuality, spending a fraction of the allocated time completing my work…

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DP 2 CAS Goals

  Summer Sluggishly the days of Distance Learning Program (DLP); waking up in the morning to a fresh serving of whatever subject was scheduled for first block, bled into summer. For the first month of summer vacation, I felt as if I was stuck in this distant dream-like state, unattached from reality and simply enjoying…

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DP 1 CAS Reflection

I would describe this year as trying to ride a bicycle. In an effort to specify this generic analogy, I will return to its base interpretation; once I passed the initial glimpse into DP 1 in the first two months, come September I was thriving on the steady influx of assignments that were being scattered…

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Quarantine Series: Letter 2

Dear Corona, While distracting myself with various activities and creative projects, I realized that the people who are hardest hit by you are those living on a daily source of income. If we take a closer look at the socio-economic landscape of Sri Lanka, it can be assumed that more 45% of the entire populace…

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