Drum Practice during Quarantine

I have been attending drum classes every Saturday at 1:30pm to Music Matters, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine. I have been practicing my drums by having the teacher sending photos of pages from a drum practice book, where I have to practice on my weaknesses. These weaknesses I have are mainly confidence in improvising, and my teacher, Yohan, has thought of strengthening my confidence by improving mine had control like changing paces, fills, and hand flexibility. Because of my confidence is low, my hand usually get really stiff when doing fills as I get worried of messing up, the problem I have as a drummer is that because of experiencing music from a young age and listening to my sister play, it has sort of made my ears know the rhythm and so I am able to notice if I make mistakes. So, once I make a mistake I automatically stop and I can’t continue or improvise and I can only continue by restarting that messed up part.

These photos below are some practice papers I am made to practice and do during my free time, Yohan usually tells me to practice at least only 30mins as he believes if I continue doing the practice to the point where I am still making mistakes there is no point on continuing and it’s best to rest.

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