Exercise and Mediation during covid-19

This year I had started a plan where I would do a short 30 min exercise before I would sleep if I was in a day where I was stressed or had anxiety, and also with the 30min exercise I had started meditating more often, these were my plan in order to manage my mentality during this final year of high school and covid-19 pandemic.  How I do this exercise is from getting workout plans that my swim coach had been sending ever since the curfews and lockdowns there were during this pandemic, even though we are not able to swim my coach sends this information through Whatsapp and most of these exercises are movements that are close to swimming movements so that we do not lose the technique of swimming. In terms of the meditation idea, because of this DLP (Distance Learning Planning), I have been getting tired and stressed very often as I am usually a very energetic person and need sports to be able to use all my energy but now school is being done online. Randomly I found out that laying down on the concrete floor of my house has become really relaxing, so I sometimes take my time to play sometimes and relax on the hard and cold floor of my house, which has really helped me out a lot.

This plan I made started mid-October, where I don’t use this plan every day but when I most need it I really try and follow it to release that stress and anxiety from an online school. I have never thought of meditating and using exercise as a way of releasing stress because in the past I didn’t enjoy the idea of meditating as I couldn’t stay still just to relax my mind and exercising was mainly done just for the sports I was doing either at school or outside of school. However, because of the pandemic and the health restrictions I haven’t been able to do any sports has really affected me, so this exercise and meditation plan has really been beneficial for me to deal with all the online work and the fact of being a DP2.

Whatsapp File of workouts from Swimming Coach

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