Service during COVID-19

Housing & Habitat-

Service started on November 12th, because of COVID-19 everyone at school has been attending their service via zoom calls. This change in attending our services through zoom is a strange and interesting way of doing service as for the Housing & Habitat service, we would always first have our introduction and set goals for the semesters or years and then straight away resume to working on our wooden chairs to be sent to the Janoda Foundation. However, I am currently enjoying the way we are doing service online as this allows us to look at other parts of our service to work on, for example, our social media, future goals because the majority of members are in DP2, and early fundraising plans. This year we only got 1 new member into our service, which currently isn’t a problem because we have many members however, most of the members in Housing & Habitat are currently DP2’s and only two MYP 5’s, one being new, as well as having a new service advisor.  Since we won’t have many experienced members for the service when the DP2’s graduate, in service we are utilizing this time to run through and improve all the plans for the activities or fundraisers we do, the furniture’s for Janoda foundation, and our social media. This is to create a better foundation for the future Housing & Habitat leaders and the service advisor to use when all the seniors have graduated.

Currently, we have created around 6 different tasks we would like to accomplish and each of the tasks is divided into groups of three or two. The group I have been tasked to do is social media, this is where currently an MYP 5, Rizqi and I are trying to update our Instagram account. We will be doing this by uploading posts every Thursday about what our service has done in the past year, also create stories on Instagram about different activities we have done in the past; for example, the Week Without Walls trip to Janoda Foundation, Homerun Fundraiser and supplying the Janoda Foundation Pre-school with chairs and school utensils. We are first working on updating our Instagram page because today social media accounts like Instagrams are most used, however, in order for us to accomplish this task we need photos of previous activities we have done. So, for the past week, we have been trying to gather photos and sorting them into folders where its easier to access and use, once we have fully updated our Instagram pages we hope to update our Facebook account or possibly develop a website for the Housing & Habitat service.

Instagram Posts:

Account- @housingandhabitat

Throwback Thursday Posts (housingandhabitat) 
Throwback Thursday Posts (housingandhabitat)

Learning Outcomes-

Planning and Initiatives:

Through the 3 weeks of service I have attended, I have learned a lot because of the service being held through zoom calls and doing work using the internet. Being part of this service group for at least 2 years, I am now able to take sort of leadership even if I am not a leader for the service. I am currently in charge of organizing the Housing & Habitat 2019 Week Without Walls photos and uploading the ‘Throwback Thursday’ posts of previous year’s Housing & Habitat experiences on Instagram, I have been able to also communicate my ideas more often now that I have been in the service group for a couple of years. Also, because service is online and we are doing all these planning for each of the service meetings that my teamwork and communication skills have been used more often and improved as I was not able to use these skills during the times there was no service time.

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