DP2 CAS Goals

As everyone knows Covid-19 has really affected everyone’s daily lives and as summer break has come to an end the next school year is here with a different feeling, with all the Covid-19 safety precautions in school. The pandemic has changed the IB program as well as the school activities, in order for the school to follow the Covid-19 safety precautions they have taken off after school activities, Thursday service, and SAISA events so the activities we could participate and log it for CAS has decreased.



Even though Music Matters are yet to open because I have a drum practice booklet that was given to me by my teacher (Yonal) I have been doing some of the short pieces for practice and memorization. It has been a while for me to do some drum activity so when I recently tried to practice for fun it felt a bit challenging when it came to following the right and left-hand switches but my tempo and rhythm were still as good which made practice a bit easier.



Ever since the Sri Lankan government lifted the Covid-19 lockdown in around the beginning of May, my swim club I have been part of, Sharks in Wave, has been having training ever since and because of Covid-19 there are only limited places that were open for the club to go and use. For the first 2 and a half months, we were going to the Sri Jayawardena University Pool which is a 50m and I did not enjoy going there for my first comeback to swimming. I absolutely hated going there because it was just so frustrating swimming across the 50m, swimming is different from like other land sports because for land sports you are constantly on your feet and walking or running on the ground but in swimming, once you haven’t been in the water for so long you sort of forget the movement or your technique gets rusty when going back into the water. So, my first 4 training classes were really tiring and frustrating to swim as my stamina was bad in the pool and my technique was not even close to my SAISA form, but eventually as my club mates and I were getting pushed by Coach Don in the 50m pool we all started to get the hang of it again and it slowly got easier to swim than before. I am currently not able to find the time to swim with my club because of the school time starting later, so I am having my coach sending a land training workout for me to do. I hope to start swimming in the mornings when school gives me permission to swim in the pool.


If the Covid-19 cases decrease to the point where it’s safe for people to interact normally by the next semester, I am hoping to help the team with the planning of the home run as I would like to be helping with the video making, also in the meantime while all this Covid-19 is happening and if service is happening I hope to help the service group by finish building more of the chairs for the Janoda Foundation school.



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