Exercise during Quarantine

I have been part of a swimming club called “Shark in Wave”, where swimmers from other schools and I would borrow the swimming pool at the Isipathana College Swimming Pool Complex, ever since quarantine has happened my swim coach, Sir Don has been every week sending either different youtube swimming-related land exercises or sending personally made exercise videos from his other swimmers. He has been making sure we are completing these swimming-related exercises by only sending it to the parents so that he knows that we are doing it and occasionally he would ask the parents to video us doing the exercises he has assigned.

Because swimming is a sport where you use your entire body, Sir Don has been sending youtube videos that we’re focussing on specific body parts to strengthen our body in more specific areas and also the videos that are being sent are an exercise that has swim related movements for us, swimmers to be able to not forget the proper movement or technique in the different stroke exercises.

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