This year I am chief editor for yearbook! I love working in the yearbook club as it is a fun activity where you have to work collaboratively with your kids from all ages in order to get this one book  done and the whole school is waiting to see the yearbook as it is something that almost everyone buys because it has many memories that everyone treasure especially for the seniors and the students that are leaving at the end of the year.

The yearbook pages that I am doing are some of the senior pages, advice to DP 1’s and favourite senior memory as well as a couple SAISA pages.

I am excited to make this years yearbook and I am honored to be the chief editor of the yearbook.  As a team we are hoping to deliver the best yearbook at the end of the year. I hope to put up a blog soon on the process of making a yearbook page.

Overall, Yearbook has been good so far and everyone coming together and we are all currently gathering all the information, pictures and sorting out the logistics but the creation of the pages will start soon and it will be hectic but fun. Yearbook club is excited for a year of hard work but good quality work.

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