Quarantine Photography

Quarantine Photography

During the quarantine of Sri Lanka and rest of the world being stuck at home for weeks on end can take a toll on ones the person’s well being and during these times I’d started to take up the sunset and sunrise photography and timelapse, during these times as many have messed up their sleep schedule immensely and people going to bed very late and waking up even later so I decided on days where I do go to bed VERY late I would either wake up at 5 around the time of sunrise and I would do some photography and times lapse of the sunrise, I noticed that its a very calming activity to do during the time, to just admire nature and take in the beautiful views and amazing colors that the sun puts outs.

Furthermore, I also took up some night time photography and nighttime timelapse of the sunset, and also during this time it has started to rain a fair amount so time lapsing the rain and sunset with the flash on created a really cool illusion.

I personally have started to really enjoy doing photography and with this quarantine, it’s given me a lot of time to plan out when and where I got take these photos and videos, It also brings out another aspect which I can explore in Arts. My enjoyment of photography can be an element in my final exhibition art piece and I really considered trying to apply an aspect of photography for upcoming art pieces.



Learning Outcomes

1.Challenge & skills, commitment, and Perseverance.

My ability to challenge my self to learn new skills ( photography) and also further develop my skills required both to challenged my self mentally and also it required commitment and perseverance and the ability to have patience and that want to wake up at 5 30 in the morning to get those sunrise shots etc.





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